(R)-2-Amino-2-[(5-fluoresceinyl)aminocarbonyl]ethyl Methanethiosulfonate, Trifluoroacetic Acid Salt

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Chemical's main applications

A thiol specific fluorescent probe useful for ion channel and protein topology research. The recently available MTS-fluorophores may find application in the real-time monitoring of conformational changes, since fluorophores coupled to introduced cysteines can change their fluorescence during a conformational change. Fluorescence lifetime may also yield information regarding distances and molecular motion in a protein molecule. Fluorescence: max. Abs. 492nm; max. Em. 515nm; e x 10-3: 75

Stability conditions

Light/Moisture Sensitive; Desiccate And Store at -20°C, Hygroscopic

Chemical's category

Fluorescent Labels & Indicators, MTS & Sulfhydryl Active Reagents


Hygroscopic, -20°C Freezer, Under Inert Atmosphere

Other name

MTSEA-Fluorescein Trifluoroacetic Acid Salt

Chemical available in other sizes

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Physical properties

Yellow to Orange Solid

Boiling temperature

No Data Available

Chemical's formula


Melting temperature

>160°C (dec.)

Chemical's soluble in

DMSO, Methanol

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Chemical's molecular weight


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